What is GC Merger?

GC Merger video presentation

GC Merger – is a script to quickly insert a 3D model into your 3ds max scene directly from the Great Catalog site. You no longer have to download and unzip files, or deal with the chore of preparing a 3D model before merging it into your scene.

The script does all of this automatically. You press the Download button in the script and after a few seconds the 3D model appears in the scene…

Download GC Merger for 3ds max

All 3D models have been checked by Prune Scene to script viruses/garbage
and are properly packaged with Model Packer.

You can safely add 3D models
to your main scene and not worry:

  • No garbage will be brought into your scene.
  • Your scene will not slow down after adding models.
  • Your 3ds max will not get infected with viruses.
  • The model will have all the necessary textures and assets.
  • Model, materials and textures
    will have the correct names.
  • There will be no useless layers, helpers, and light sources in the model

GC Merger changes the usual approach to creating scenes,
now it has become more convenient and easier,
and most importantly, much faster.

Install GC Merger

Download GC Merger
  1. Download GC Merger.mzp from this link: Download
  2. Install the script by simply dragging the GC Merger.mzp file
    to the Viewport or install via the dropdown menu Scripting Run Script.
  3. Add a button in the interface via Customize User Interface Tab: Toolbars Category: GreatCatalog then drag the GC Merger icon to the Toolbar.

Connect to account

GC Merger Notes

  • All 3D models on the site are specially adapted and prepared for easy
    and trouble-free insertion into the scene. GC-XXXXX-2019.max

  • Minimum requirements for running GC Merger: 3ds max 2019 and Windows 10.

  • You can download dozens of 3D models at once and continue to work in parallel, while 3ds max will not experience any load.

  • By default all 3D models are downloaded
    to the “C:/temp/GC/” folder, change this path
    in the settings if necessary.

  • All textures and assets have absolute paths and are referenced by default to the drive “C:/temp/GC/”. If necessary, transfer textures to your project using Resource Collector, Collect Asset and other scripts. Or use the built-in tools in 3ds max:
    Utilities More Bitmap/Photometric Paths Edit Resources.

  • If, for some reason, the Great Catalog Favorites page is not displayed and you see an error page, make sure that your computer does not have 3ds max related locks in Windows Firewall. For corporate networks, we recommend that you contact your Administrator.

  • Downloaded models can take up GBs of disk space, please make sure you have enough space for the downloaded content.

Get Api Key
to login to GC Merger
under your account:

Get Api Key