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Dear friends, colleagues, and partners! We are glad to see you on GreatCatalog.net.

The service includes an extensive library of models — from furniture to elements of exterior and landscape design. Flexible filter system significantly saves the time of selecting the right object. The BIM object also contains its dimensions, variation and manufacturer’s information.

GreatCatalog is a powerful and convenient tool for the 3D design and engineering industry.

We wish you inspiration and successful monetization!

With respect and concern for our common cause, GreatCatalog.net administration.


Essentially new cataloging systems, a single standard and convenient filters will allow you to work comfortably on projects. An intuitive user interface will help you select the necessary products, create tables and add to projects. On GreatCatalog you can find, buy, sell 3D models and BIM objects.


With GreatCatalog you get detailed information about the product - not only its model for visualization, but also drawings in the form of a BIM object. Exporting a table of products will help you easily and quickly collect products into categories. You can also sell BIM objects created by you, and get a decent reward for your work.

  • Catologization and easy access.
  • Work with the project directly on the site.
  • Prices and relevance of selected items.

For Modelers

For Modelers

For Companies

GreatCatalog also offers companies and individuals the following services:

  • 3D modeling
  • performing visualization

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

For Companies


Our team is doing everything possible to work with the site as efficiently and conveniently as possible. You can add models to your favorites, place them in projects and share them by a link or a table. You can also place different versions of models under one object and much more.


Working with GreatCatalog filters is a real pleasure. You can easily find the model you want, no matter how long it was published.


The search for the model is carried out through modern search algorithms, and we are doing everything possible to make this process as convenient and fast as possible.


Brands are the most important part of the Great Catalog. Here you can find electronic catalogs of hundreds of manufacturers, many of whose positions are also available for download.


Working with selected positions has become more convenient than ever before. Thanks to the “Project” sections, sort the selected models by projects, by rooms, share them with customers and partners.

3D + BIM

Using BIM technology is a confident step in a future. Our authorized partners fill the catalog with BIM objects. Your work will become more productive and faster.


At the moment we support Russian, Ukrainian and English, and Spanish and Italian languages are in development. We also work in two systems of units of measurement, which makes our catalog relevant for you, wherever you are.